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The Communiti-Loves-Skating-Fund

The Communiti Loves Skating Fund is a philanthropic initiative dedicated to helping expand the participation in skating across the province by various means.

How The Fund Will Work

Communiti will contribute an annual recurring amount and the fund itself will be managed and administered by Skate Ontario. Every year we will pick key themes and areas that the we can help improve. Enhance the love of skating.


Examples include: 

  • Grants for clubs for first time initiatives to develop and grow grassroots level programming for the love of skating in the communiti (Clubs have to apply. potentially annual)

  • Grants for skaters (eg. Scholarship, Travel Costs, enhanced coaching and experiences)


Each year Communiti along with Skate Ontario will identify the best way to utilize the funds for maximum impact. We are open to receiving input from the broader skating community. If you think there is an area we should be looking at, send us a note at


We will follow a clear and transparent process to manage the fund and results will be made public on Skate Ontario and Communiti social channels.

How Clubs Can Get Involved

To kick things off Communiti will contribute 10% of the value of all skating program bookings made on the app through the pilot program towards the fund so we can tackle a few key areas this year.

For example, if the value of a skating program booked is $300, Communiti will contribute $30 towards the fund. 

These contributions will come directly from Communiti, and will not impact the amount of revenue that will be collected for your Club. 

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