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Passion. Purpose. Sport.



Communiti connects people of all athletic levels with world-class coaches, clubs, and organizations on one easy-to-use platform. We empower people at all stages of their athletic journey to be active and thrive physically, socially, and emotionally. Communiti reduces the barrier to learn and play by fostering a spirited and inclusive community.

"We built Communiti so everyone can learn and play sports."
- Shashank, Communiti CEO & Co-Founder


To share our passion for sports by reducing the barriers to learning, playing, and belonging in athletic communities. Inspire people to embody the spirit of sport while striving to meet their goals with the support of a lively and inclusive community.


We embody the playful spirit of sport in all that we do.

Being a part of a team means belonging to something bigger than yourself. Whether a team consists of an athlete-coach duo or a roster of teammates, we work to celebrate belonging to a community. By reducing the barriers to learning and playing sports, we work to foster a fun and inclusive environment where all can enjoy the magic of sport.


We provide a personalized, authentic experience where our users feel welcomed into our community.

Everyone is welcome at Communiti. Since our origins in 2021, we take pride in offering our users a choice-driven experience that is personalized just for them. Communiti takes inclusion very seriously because it is the foundation of what we do. Everyone has a place in our community.



A fair chance for all to learn and play.

Discrimination has no place on or off the field. Regardless of athletic ability, race, gender, sexual orientation, preferences, etc., all have a fair chance to learn and play sports through Communiti. Additionally, we have established funds to continue to give back to sports communities and athletes.


Create an environment where all can share their passion for athleticism. 

Communiti's allows athletes, coaches, and clubs to share what they do best in an easy-to-use app.


Provide access to top-notch coaches, organizations, and partners whose service exceeds expectations.

We believe in quality for all. That's why our coaches and clubs meet our requirements and mandatory background checks to be eligible to list their services on our app. Additionally users can leave ratings and reviews, so you always know you're working the best.

"We believe that sports have the power to bring people together and help them become the best versions of themselves."
- Shashank, Communiti CEO & Co-Founder

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