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Grow your club with Communiti

Reach an expansive network of athletes ready to discover, book, and pay for sessions at your club – all in one place.


When you increase registrations, you increase revenue. That's why Communiti promotes your club to thousands of our athletes searching for local and reputable clubs. 


Our users are looking for clubs that provide top-notch service. Athletes always register for programs with confidence knowing all Communiti bookings are safe and have passed our background check.

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Search, book, and pay- all on the app

We make it easy to reach your audience and grow your club.

Communiti is more than just software. It's an all-in-one solution to market your club to athletes and make it simple for them to book and pay for sessions. When you join Communiti, you increase your visibility and simultaneously grow your club on one easy-to-use app.


Register for Communiti in
under 20 minutes and
reach thousands of
athletes ready to book.
No more manual registrations
means more time to focus on
growing the sports you love.
Your success is important
to us. Enjoy personalized
support every step of the way.

Trenton Figure Skating Club
Success Story

Less time dedicated to admin work means more ice time.

Trenton Figure Skating Club (TFSC) joined Communiti in April, 2022. Like many clubs, TFSC admins and volunteers manually processed registrations, which took time away from sharing their passion for skating.



  1. Reduce time dedicated to the registration process.

  2. Increase registration volume.

  3. Accept online payments.

  4. Reach a broad audience of local athletes interested in TFSC program offerings.


Trenton Figure Skating Club has been a respected member of the Trenton community since 1957. They like to keep their operations simple, but they recognized a need to improve their registration process, adopt a digital strategy, and receive content marketing support.


Before joining Communiti, TFSC did not have a website for interested athletes to browse program offerings or obtain more information. Registrants were required to call the club to learn more. Club admins and volunteers were readily available to manually guide registrants through a Google form or PDF to fill out online through a link, or in person. Registrations were then consolidated and validated by admins and volunteers. TFSC collected registration fees via e-Transfer or by cheque. Admins or volunteers would manually deposit cheques or e-Transfers to the club's bank account weekly.


Streamlined registration process with more visibility


TFSC’s digital adoption process began with creating a dedicated TFSC webpage on Communiti’s website and app profile page. With the Communiti webpage and app profile page, TFSC can collect secure online payments for registrations.


Additionally, Communiti provided creative assets for TFSC to use on their respective social channels and organically support the pilot program. Communiti also promoted the program on social media to drive traffic to the TFSC Communit webpage and increase registrations.


As a registered Skate Canada partner since 1957, TFSC offered all of their spring skating programming on the Communiti app, including Skate Canada StarSkate and CanSkate.


Bringing it all together


TFSC's Communiti web and app profile pages are easy to navigate and provide clear direction for applicants to register for programs. These create a powerful where to purchase functionality to drive conversions. TFSC's content strategy through Communiti provides cross-platform navigation opportunities to increase visibility and ultimately drive in-app registrations. 

Registration time decreased from 20-30 minutes per registration, to under a minute.
With a simple process and online payment opportunities, registrations increased by 30%.
Administration workload reduced by 50% as a result of a simplified process.
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Lisa, Coach & Head of CANSKATE, Trenton Figure Skating Club 


"The communiti app has been a life changer. Easy to manage athletes, message them and has significantly cut time going into registrations so I could focus on assisting in areas that were lacking and required attention in order for a sports program to run efficiently."

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Charlene, Parent who used Communiti to book skating lessons for her daughter


"I loved using the app to register! Everything is right there at your fingertips. It covers everything from easy account set up to covering all fees in one easy process all from the comfort of your home, so you don't have to worry about missing registration dates at the arena! Highly recommended. Super user friendly."

Why partner with us

Current challenges your club may face:

  • Minimal online presence makes it difficult for athletes to browse available services.

  • Registration process is manual using paper or online forms.

  • Payment is collected via cheque or e-transfer.

How Communiti can help:
  • Improve online presence with optimized webpage on Communiti’s website, organic promotion on Communiti’s social media channels, and club listing on the Communiti app.

  • Streamlined registration process where athletes can search, book, and pay for sessions in under 30 seconds.

  • Easily manage registrations and stay organized with our easy-to-use web and mobile apps.

Ready to get started?

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