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Hey, I'm Dana!

I'm an indoor and elite beach volleyball coach for various programs under the name, Do Something Volleyball. I work with a range of athletes that vary in ability and age. From youth to adult, recreational and club, collegiate and university, all the way to international levels. I consistently challenge myself to improve and encourage my athletes to do the same. No matter your focus, my goal is to help you improve and increase your comfort zone through supportive challenges to learn. I help athletes maximize the talent they innately have within them.

I recently migrated my coaching business to the Communiti platform to give me a place to promote, house and manage registrations for my volleyball clinics, and training sessions. It easily collects my payments and allows me to create templates to easily schedule my services.

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Communiti + Do Something Volleyball = Coaching Success

Communiti is revolutionizing how coaches in the USA and Canada operate their businesses by providing a platform to manage everything with our complete management technology. Be equipped with the tools and resources you need to grow your professional coaching business all in one place by significantly reducing your administrative workload.

Communiti has been really helpful for me to manage all of my administration in one place. It does a lot of things for me; easily takes payments, cancels registrations, switch registrations of athletes into different sessions and generates reports and lists of participants. It’s really taken a lot of the individual contact work off of my plate and centralized it for easy management.

Dana Cooke, Do Something Volleyball

Manage and Grow Your Coaching Business with Communiti

Collect and Process Digital Payments


With Communiti, Dana collects and processes payments all in one place. Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets, and manual registration and payment - everything is seamlessly integrated into the platform to simplify your business management. Communiti's payment gateway powered by Stripe securely captures and processes payments digitally, but if you still need to collect cash, cheques, or e-Transfers, you can mark sessions as paid, too.

Schedule and Manage Sessions in Two Clicks


The Communiti platform puts Dana in complete control of her coaching business. With a few simple clicks, she can easily create one-time or recurring volleyball sessions for her athletes. Dana can set her time, price, location, and include relevant details for athletes. With Communiti, Dana can list active and upcoming sessions to manage her business with ease. 

Manage Athlete Registrations in One Place

Dana easily manages the registration process through the Communiti platform. Accept registrations, move athletes to different sessions, or cancel registrations based on your needs.  Our platform provides easy online booking, reminders, and secure digital payments, ensuring a seamless journey from the first point of contact to the next booking. Build strong relationships and generate referrals from clients who can't get enough!

A Central Hub for Communication

Dana can stay in touch with athletes using Communiti's messaging feature. Whether you're behind from a session, need to send an update about inclement weather, or simply want to send a friendly reminder to athletes about what they need to bring to your session, our platform provides a centralized hub to communicate with athletes. Communiti’s chat feature allows you to communicate with athletes via email or share updates in a group chat to save you time.

Why Coaches Using Love Using Communiti

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50% Decrease in Admin Tasks 

As a coach and business owner, you wear a lot of hats. From managing registrations, keeping athletes informed, and processing payments via Stripe, it is easy for administrative tasks to consume a significant portion of your time. Communiti coaches see a 50% reduction in admin tasks.

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Manage your Business in a Few Clicks

It takes a lot to run your coaching business. Our platform consolidates these functions into one user-friendly interface, offering a centralized hub for all your business needs. Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets, calendars, manual registration and payment - everything is seamlessly integrated.

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30% Increase in Bookings

Share your services to  network of thousands of athletes ready to book with you. Expand your reach by promoting what you do best to eager clients near you, or virtually. Schedule group sessions or private lessons in the scheduling section of the Communiti platform.

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Professional Support

We're here to champion your success every step of the way. With expert support from the Communiti team, know we are in your corner 24/7.

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