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We partner with Sport Governing Bodies to grow their membership

1000s of users are looking for sports programs on our platform


Our Partners


We help the clubs and coaches in your network

15 mins to list sessions

Easily onboard, list your sessions and manage your operations in under 15 minutes

30% increase in bookings

Our sports marketplace has 1000s of users across sports looking for sports programs. We'll bring athletes to you.

50% reduction in admin tasks

Hate admin tasks ? So do we. Our one-stop simple app will let you list sessions, accept bookings and payments, chat with users and more in just a couple of clicks

Create a new revenue stream

Communiti Loves Sport Fund

For every dollar we make a part of it contributed into a fund that will be jointly managed by communiti and the respective sport governing body.

Grow your membership and create new revenue streams

Apply today to bring the communiti platform to your network

Thank you for applying. Our team will be in touch shortly!

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