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Pilot Program Mission & Journey

Our mission for this Pilot Program is broken into two key objectives.


1. Work with pioneering Clubs in Skate Ontario to build technology that makes it easier to find and access skating programs.


2. Grow skating and give back to the community through Communiti-Loves-Skating-Fund and giveaways.

Working Together to Grow Skating Through Technology

Our vision at Communiti is build a world where people can access sports easily, whether it be to learn or play, by reducing the friction that athletes face wherever they are on their journey.

Core to this pilot will be listing your Club's programs on the Communiti app, so that parents, skaters and administrators can try a new method for discovering Clubs and selecting day and times, payment and registering. The timeframe we will be focusing on will be the spring session.

In this pilot we want to work together to fine tune our app and platform so that skaters, club administrators, Coaches and parents can focus more on skating, and worry less about other tasks.

Critical to our time together during this Pilot Program will what we call Retrospectives. Twice through the course of the program, we will meet with your Club to have a Retrospective - once in person where we will come visit you, and once virtually. During these Retrospectives you'll be able to share your thoughts, ideas, feedback and comments on how you felt the Communiti app impacted that journey and how you feel we could further improve the process through the app.

Giving Back to the Community

The name Communiti wasn't chosen at random - it's because part of our mission is to give back to the broader sporting communities that we collaborate with. 


We have some exciting ways we hope to make this pilot not just productive, but also fun and impactful. These include the launch of a philanthropic fund, giveaways, contests, and parties. You can learn more about this in the Communiti-Loves-Skating-Fund and What's In It For Your Club sections of this resource guide.

Our Journey Together

Below you can find key dates for the Pilot Program and what our journey together will look like.

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