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What You'll Need To Get On The Communiti App

Being on the Communiti app is straightforward process. We've broken down everything you'll need to know below.

Attend an Education Session

The week February 28 to March 11th we will be hosting education sessions. You can book a day and time that are best for you using Calendly. Simply register for a slot that is available (like you did for today's session) and we will meet with you personally on that day.
During the session we will walk you through everything you need to do to get your listing up on the app. You will need the following ready: 
  1. Pictures you want to use for your Club and program.

  2. A few sentences that describe your Club. This is what your audience will see when they look at your Club within our app.
  3. A few sentences about each of the programs you'll be listing. This is what your audience will see when they look at the program within your app.

Assign an App Champion: Ready to Handle App Information & Communications


The Communiti app will list your programs based on the information you specify. We recommend that a single person be responsible for handling the information, and registration that comes out of the app.


The Communiti app allows for parents or users to communicate with a Club through our in-app messaging feature. We ask that you have someone monitor in-app communications for any inquiries that parents or users may have. 
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