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What's In It For You? Club Benefits

You understand the Mission and how Communiti wants to give back to the broader skating community. But let's talk about how we hope we'll be benefitting your Club directly.

New Revenue Channel and Visibility

New Revenue Channel: Mobile App Registration 

Through the Communiti app, your Club can now be found on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store! This means parents can find you through their phone, and easily select a program, date and time, register and pay all in less than 5 minutes. Communiti handles all the backend work by passing you registration information, contact information and payment directly to your bank account.

Visibility: Social Media Assets and Campaigns

1. Kickoff Campaign: To get the buzz started, we will launch a kickoff social media campaign (with discounts provided by Communiti) on both Communiti and Skate Ontario’s channels to let people know to register on the app.

2. Club Feature: When we come visit your Club between April and May, we will be recording a Club Feature video, where you can tell a compelling story about what makes your club unique

3. Club Overview: Additionally, we will also record a short 1 minute overview of your club for your audience to refer to when learning more about your offerings.

4. Social Media Contest: Finally, we'll be running a social media contest with the theme of "What makes your Club the heart of your communiti?"

5. Additional Marketing Assets:

1. Individualized Web Page on Communiti's Website

2. Website assets, for directing your audience on how to register on Communiti

3. Physical Flyers for your Club

Giveaways, Contests & Events

We also want to not just have engagement, but give back and provide incentive. This means, prizes, contests, events and giveaways!

1. Gifts for Clubs and Skaters: To kickoff the season, we'll be providing small gifts that Clubs can decide how and when to distribute. We aim to provide enough so all skaters (not just Communiti registered ones) can receive them.

2. Contest: We'll be giving doing a few giveaways:

Communiti Registered Skaters: For those who register through the app, we'll host three draws where we'll be giving away credits to a skating program or a gift card of approximately $500.

Heart of the Communiti Club Contest: Club Winner will receive $500.

Communiti Champion Club Contest: Club with the highest proportion of bookings (compared to total number of available registrations) through the Pilot Program on the Communiti app will receive $500.

3. End of Season Pizza Party: At the end of the season we'd like to host a pizza party for your Club as a thank you for participating.

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