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Phoenix Volleyball Club

21 Tudor Gate, Toronto, Ontario M2L 1N3

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Phoenix Volleyball is dedicated to the development of individual and team skill, incorporating both recreational and elite programs for both indoor and beach volleyball.  Our motto is to “ignite the fire within” to motivate athletes to strive for excellence while fostering an environment of sportsmanship and fair play.  


Phoenix is not just a club, but rather a community. Attracting athletes from all over the GTA, we are proud of each and every one of our Phoenix athletes. 

Programs available on
the Communiti App:

Recreational Beach Camps


High Performance Beach Camps


Afterschool Clinics


Training session at Phoenix Beach camps

Save $5 for all Phoenix program registrations

$5 off for all Phoenix program registrations through the communiti App

Registrations are open!

1. Download the Communiti App

2. Login to the App
3. Select Volleyball

4. Click on Phoenix Volleyball to learn more and book a session

5. Use code PHX at checkout to get a $5 discount on your booking


Teams having fun during beach camps

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